“Love” is not enough

I’m like everyone. Well, most people, at least I hope so. I just want to be good. I want to do good things and support and promote good things, and live a good life and have people think of me as a good person. That just seems so basic. And honestly, it’s really the least we can do. I think it’s innate: the desire to help others and contribute to your community, and to actively work to right the things you think are wrong. Some people can do that just by being good, decent people who encourage the same in others through their words and actions. Some people can do it by going out and actively participating in movements, and organizations, and programs that they believe in, thereby influencing others around them with their passion and their actions. Still others can be good by writing about the things they care deeply about and why, and to share ideas and open discussion with others, creating an awareness of our differences and how they may seem so very different, but really aren’t, deep down. If the overall goal is the same, we can find a way to work together and achieve it. Right? I so want to believe that.

I am so saddened by current events and the stupid, senseless loss of life and vitality and potential that occurred in Orlando. It sounds so wrong, especially with all this talk of how Love is the answer and all we have to do is Love, but – I hate people who hate people. I don’t understand them. And, yes, I know that is the core of why people turn against others – because they don’t understand and don’t try to. But I don’t see how love is the one and only response, because seriously? How helpful has that been so far? If love leads to tolerance and acceptance and mutual respect and the shared ability to live together despite differences – that’s awesome. Goal attained. But if love is hollow and internal and never put into action? And espoused after the next tragic event, and the next? We’re falling short. Use that love – do something with it! Back it up with actions and ideas , don’t just hide behind it.



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